How to reduce printing costs

One of the common goals companies strive for, regardless of industry, is the minimization of costs and maximization of profit. This is especially true for small businesses who often operate with razor thin margins, where any cost saving is well appreciated.

Outlook not sending an email?

Email is a crucial component that many businesses have come to rely on, so much so that when the program they use has a problem the whole business is hamstrung. Many companies use Microsoft’s Outlook, which does stop working from time-to-time. One of the most common issues is when your emails aren’t being sent.

Laptop a bit hot? Cool it down

One of the quintessential tools of the mobile warrior (the new-age road warrior) is the laptop. They are great for the mobile crowd and many businesses are even starting to use them in the office because they take up less space. Despite their comparatively high portability, they do have a bit of a rough side.

How to get your recycle bin back

When it comes to computers, many users are constantly installing programs they need and deleting others they don’t use. From time-to-time, users run out of hard drive space and go on a bit of a deleting binge to free up space. What can sometimes happen though is that you go too deep into the OS file system and end up getting rid of something important, like the recycle bin, for example.

Do you know your essential passwords?

Superstorm Sandy, the recent storm that pummeled the Eastern US, brought with it a lot of lessons for all affected. For those in the IT industry the most important lesson was that their disaster preparedness may not be as robust as they thought. Many businesses will react to this by wanting to be better prepared for major disasters.

4 Free Tools for Productivity

While there are a lot of free tools, applications, and software available on the Internet, it can be a chore sorting out the good from the bad. To make things easier for you, here are a few handy tools you can use to boost productivity while saving on costs.

Thai Floods Cause HD Shortage

A hard drive shortage threatens to impact the worldwide computing industry due to the floods in Thailand. The majority of the world’s hard drive factories are located in Thailand and are struggling to recover pre-flood production levels.

In the same way the massive earthquake and tsunami damaged Japan’s electronics industry, the flood crisis in Thailand is causing concern for companies that require hard drives for production.