Overview of Surface Pro's specs

Windows_Feb12_BTablets are all the rage right now. You are starting to see businesses of all sizes integrate them into the office and end up not really looking back. Because of the growing demand, many manufacturers are releasing tablets. Microsoft, known largely as a software company, has recently released one of the most powerful tablets to date.

Google releases Nexus 4 and 10

The world of tablets and smartphones is a fast one. It seems like a new device that pushes the boundaries is introduced each week. When it comes to Android, what devices set the boundaries for others to break? Google’s Nexus line. Nexus devices are what Google thinks of as the ‘benchmark’ Android device; what an Android device should be.

Love Android widgets? This app’s for you

One of the greatest things about the Android system is widgets. They help us check our mail, change the song, or the settings, all from the home screen(s) of our device. You could say they are multi-taskers and efficiency enablers that help users get the most out of their phones.

Grab a new keyboard for your Android

One of the main reasons people choose an Android smartphone is because of the openness of the system. Don’t like the layout your phone uses? Change it, Google isn’t going to stop you. One of the most common things people change on their device is what keyboard they’re using.

Jelly Bean, Android’s newest sweet treat

Google has a bit of a sweet tooth, as is evident by the codenames it applies to the different versions of Android. The newest version, introduced in late June has been given the codename Jelly Bean, and will bring with it some great new features that will benefit many users.

Read the news using RSS on Android

The amount of information available to us is staggering and growing at a daily rate. Because of this, many managers have been turning from newspapers and magazines to the Internet to get their news and other information. The only problem with this is that you have to physically go to each website and scroll through tons of information.

Three browsers for Android users

As we come to rely on our smartphones more and more, it’s becoming important to have programs that can meet our needs and demands. One important program is the Internet browser, all smartphones have one and many users use it on a regular basis. If you have a phone with Android, you’re probably aware of the different browsers out there, but which one’s the best?

Here’s an overview of the three most popular browsers for your Android device.

Gourmet Tips for Ice Cream Sandwich

Android versions have some pretty delicious sounding names. The newest version of the OS, codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich, has some tasty features that many users are now able to enjoy. These sweet new additions and improvements have definitely made the OS easier to use and more appealing to the multitude of discerning users.

Android Market Killed, Now Google Play

Change is always happening, sometimes it’s good and other times it’s bad. Google is a company that embraces change, constantly updates its apps to increase functionality, introduces new features, and solidifies and integrates other apps into a single app or retires redundant apps.