Business Phone System

Reliable, flexible communications solutions


Businesses of all sizes rely on seamless communication to enhance collaboration, improve customer satisfaction and in turn, boost profit. And if you’re not already familiar with advanced telephony solutions, isn’t it time you get a comprehensive view of how it can propel your business into the future?

Discovery I.T. has years of experience in deploying and managing technology solutions and we utilize extensive expertise from our selective team of technicians. Not only that, but we partner with the best to deliver the best. Our partnership with Shoretel, industry-leading business phone systems provider since 1996 allows us to leverage their experience and offer you reliable and flexible communications solutions that meet your exact needs.

We offer the following business phone system:

  • Cloud Phone System – fully managed cloud phone system, you focus on the call while we focus on the system
  • Hybrid Phone System – convenience of the cloud meets locally managed onsite phone system
  • Onsite Phone System – cost-cutting hosted cloud PBX solution or VoIP

Benefits of Business Phone System from Discovery I.T. include:

  • Enhanced communication with employees and clients
  • Advanced telephony features including call forwarding, call conferencing and auto attendant amongst others
  • Sync up with remote workers easily like never before
  • Sharing of the same voice resources for seamless communication
  • Flexible solution that can be easily scaled up as your business grows
  • Lowered communication costs and simplified monthly telephone invoices
  • Quick deployment so you can reap these benefits as soon as possible
  • Continuous customer service with advanced communication feature that minimizes missed calls

Isn’t it time you say goodbye to the high cost and limited functions of a traditional phone system?

We offer the Business Phone System that you deserve.