Network Support & Assessment

Our services are ideal for the business owner that doesn’t want to spend their time dealing with computer problems and maintenance, and simply wants the peace of mind that everything is covered and taken care of.

If this sounds like something you’d want, we’d like to offer you a Network Assessment to help you determine just how safe and secure your computer network is, and also introduce our services to you and demonstrate how we can help. This consultation will provide more information about your network’s security and stability so that you can determine if further action is needed.

During this visit we will:

  • Help pinpoint potential lapses in security, risk of data loss, power areas of failure, and system downtime.
  • Check your backup strategy to tell you IF you could be back up and running fast in the event of disaster.
    Quick Fact: Better than 90% of the backups we check are faulty WITHOUT showing any warning signs. That’s why it’s SO important to check these on a regular basis!
  • Discuss performance problems. Just let us know what problems you’ve been experiencing and we’ll evaluate your issues and discuss the most likely causes and fixes.
  • Outline a powerful and comprehensive line of defense for your network, against even the most invasive and deadly computer viruses, hackers, and spam.
  • Recommend ways to speed up your entire computer network while potentially cutting costs.
  • Provide a written report (your Network Health Score) that will summarize all of these findings, our recommendations, and more.

As soon as we hear from you, we’ll contact you to schedule a convenient time for me to come to your office. If nothing else, this is a great way to confirm that your network is secure and stable – and at the very minimum, you’ll sleep easier at night knowing everything is okay.