What Awards Have We Received?

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    The MSP501 (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015)

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    The Inc.5000 (2016 & 2017)

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    The CRN MSP 500 (2019) & Pioneer 250 Awards

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    The BBB A+ Accredited Business Since 1991

What Is The MSP 501 Award?

Each year, the MSP 501 recognizes some of the biggest and most successful managed service providers (MSPs) in the world. It’s the most comprehensive ranking of leading managed service providers and is presented each year by Channel Futures.

Channel Futures unites the diverse ecosystem of companies that comprise the “new channel,” which includes managed service providers, systems integrators, born-in-the-cloud services companies, specialized service providers, consultants, Value Added Resellers and other organizations that operate outside of the traditional information and telecommunications technology (ICT) channel.

Receiving the MSP 501 Award and designation shows that Discovery Information Technologies has risen above the competition to be recognized as a world-class Managed Service Provider.

What Is The Inc. 5000 Award?

This is Inc.’s annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America, and the fast-growing innovators in the country. Companies on the Inc. 5000 list are ranked according to percentage revenue growth over a 3-year period. To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue. They must be U.S.-based, privately held, for-profit, and independent–not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies. The minimum for 2017 was $2 million.

This Award shows that we’re making more money and that our employees are doing good work. The Inc. 5000 badge of honor tells the world that Discovery I.T. is a technology service provider worth considering. More than anything, the Inc. 5000 Award is a signal of credibility and accomplishment.

What Is The CRN MSP 500 Award?

CRN’s annual Managed Service Provider 500 recognizes North American solution providers with cutting-edge approaches to delivering managed services. It recognizes the top technology providers and consultants whose forward-thinking approach to providing managed services is changing the landscape of the IT channel.

The managed services market hit $145.3 billion in 2016 and will grow at a CAGR of 10.8 percent to $242.5 billion by 2021, according to a Markets and Markets forecast. With such growing demand in mind, CRN again assembles the Managed Service Provider 500, an annual list that recognizes North American solution providers with cutting-edge approaches to delivering managed services.

Discovery Information Technologies received the Pioneer 250 Award. The CRN’s Pioneer 250
recognizes MSPs who deliver innovative IT services that enable their clients to more rapidly:

  • Improve operational efficiencies,
  • Maximize return on IT investments, and
  • Navigate IT complexity.

We’re very honored to have received The CRN MSP 500 and Pioneer 250 Awards.

What Does a BBB A+ Accredited Rating Mean?

The Better Business Bureau’s ratings represent their opinion of how a business is likely to interact with its customers. The BBB rating is based on information they to obtain about a business, including complaints received from the public. They seek and use information directly from businesses and from public data sources.

The BBB assigns ratings from A+ (highest) to F (lowest). Ratings are based on information in BBB files with respect to the following factors:

  1. Business’s complaint history with BBB.
    The BBB rating takes into account the following information with respect to closed complaints that relate to a business’s marketplace activities:

    • The number of complaints filed with BBB against the business.
    • The size of the business.
    • If complaints have been filed, whether in BBB’s opinion the business appropriately responded to them.
    • If complaints have been filed, whether in BBB’s opinion the business resolved the complaints in a timely
      manner to the customer’s satisfaction.
    • If complaints have been filed, whether in BBB’s opinion the business made a good faith effort to resolve
      complaints, even if the customer was not satisfied with the resolution.
    • If complaints have been filed, whether in BBB’s opinion the business failed to resolve the underlying
      cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.
    • The age of resolved complaints. Older resolved complaints have less of an impact on the rating than
      newer complaints.

    BBB analysis of a business’s complaint history generally takes into account the business’s size if BBB has reliable information to establish its size. If BBB cannot reliably determine business size, it will consider the business to fall within BBB’s smallest size category.

  2. Type of business.
    A business’s BBB rating is lowered if, in BBB’s opinion, the business is a type of business that raises marketplace concerns or is believed to operate in violation of the law.
  3. Time in business.
    A business’s BBB rating is based, in part, on the length of time the business has been operating. If BBB is unable to obtain, from the business or from other sources, information about time in business that BBB deems reliable, BBB will consider business to have started at the time BBB opened its file on the business.
  4. Transparent Business Practices.
    A business’s BBB rating is lowered if BBB determines that the business is not being transparent about its marketplace conduct. This includes situations where:

    • A business does not provide complete information about products and services offered, and/or
    • A business uses false addresses or an address cannot be determined.
  5. Failure to honor commitments to BBB.
    A business’s BBB rating is lowered if a business does not honor its commitments to BBB, including commitments to abide by a mediation settlement or an arbitration award.
  6. Licensing and government actions known to BBB.
    A business’s BBB rating is lowered when BBB has knowledge of the following:

    • Failure of the business to have required competency licensing (i.e., licensing that requires a competency
      assessment or can be taken away based on misconduct by business).
    • Pending or finalized government actions against the business that relate to its marketplace activities and,
      in BBB’s opinion, raise questions about the business’s ethics or its reliability in providing products/services. Government action deductions consider several factors including how the case is finalized as well as the
      amount of restitution, penalties or fines imposed against the business. However, older government
      actions have less of an impact than newer government actions of the same type.

    BBB routinely checks required competency licensing and government actions before a business is accredited by BBB. BBB does not routinely check required competency licensing and government actions for businesses that do not seek BBB accreditation, although in some cases BBB learns of these matters through its marketplace research.

  7. Advertising issues known to BBB.
    A business’s BBB rating is lowered when the business does not, in BBB’s opinion, appropriately respond to BBB advertising challenges that relate to:

    • Misuse of the BBB name or BBB marks; or
    • Questions about the truthfulness, accuracy or substantiation of advertising claims or compliance with the
      BBB Code of Advertising. Advertising issues may be rated as major, moderate or minor, and the rating
      deduction varies accordingly.

    BBB advertising challenges are made at BBB’s discretion when it receives complaints from consumers or competitors about advertising or when BBB identifies questionable advertising through its monitoring of local media.

    The team at Discovery Information Technologies is proud that we’ve had a BBB rating of A+ since 1991!

What Do All Of These Awards Indicate?

Discovery Information Technologies is the right choice. Since 1988, we’ve been serving organizations of all sizes in Southeast Texas. We believe that when we efficiently handle all of your technology needs, this frees you up to focus on growing your business.