The Evolving Importance of Managed Detection and Response

Technology is starting to feel like an old friend because we use it in so many aspects of our personal and professional lives. However, it is not always ‘safe.’ Cyber threats can strike even the most advanced protection layers and rapidly cause havoc with your organization. There is no way to prevent attacks completely. In fact, cyber strikes and threats are becoming even worse.

In a 2019 study released by Accenture Security, it was found that there was a 67 percent increase in security breaches during the last five years. Unfortunately, cyber threats are becoming more common.

Why Managed Detection and Response?

Security providers give their Managed Detection and Response (MDR) customers access to a talented pool of top security researchers and engineers who work together to monitor networks, analyze incidences, and promptly respond to security threats.

Importance of MDR

Companies must remain vigilant. The risks and costs can quickly become extreme if not detected in a timely fashion. Businesses often lack the resources, expertise, and time needed to investigate. They simply cannot cope with the thousands of possible indicators and rapid activity logs. When an organization falters, then their customer base suffers. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions might boast an automated process, but it does extraordinarily little to detect and respond, especially considering that email has become the primary threat vector.

What Challenges Can MDR Address?

MDR is tasked with addressing problems that plague modern businesses, such as the organization’s lack of security. A large organization is in a better financial position to set up a dedicated security team to hunt full-time for threats. Still, smaller companies have limited resources and might find it more challenging to employ such resources and workforce.

Even if your organization is willing to invest, it is often difficult to find the skilled personnel needed to implement the specialized security team. The pool of talented individuals is minimal. In 2016, there were 2 million unfilled cybersecurity positions, and that number was projected to rise to a staggering 3.5 million by 2021.

The challenges faced when deploying complex endpoint detection, and response (EDR) solutions are a dilemma. Usually, the lack of time, funds, and skills are the chief problems faced. However, MDR integrates EDR tools into its entire security implementations to become an integral part of their detection, analysis, and response protocol.

The overwhelming number of security alerts received by IT teams makes it difficult to identify those that are malicious and must be each checked individually, which takes time and skill. All threats must undergo additional correlation to determine if what might appear as insignificant indicators are clues that show a larger attack is imminent. A small security team might lack the time and resources to handle the sheer volume of the tasks.

The Discovery IT team helps mitigate threats for our customers. With our expertise, all security offerings are leveraged without any need for additional resources or investment.

Benefits include:

  • Complete holistic threat visibility
  • Correlation with email and across endpoint
  • Enables proactive containment and intelligent response with threat experts
  • Monitors every computer 24/7
  • Remotely investigate critical security events.
  • Real-time events that span from endpoint to email security
  • Co-managed detection and response services.
  • 24/7 threat experts review alerts
  • Isolates genuine threats at their earliest stages
  • Personalized remediation steps

Cross Customer Analysis

Our MDR solution automatically checks logs and identifies threats across our entire customer base. If a threat is discovered at one customer, the system then takes immediate proactive action to protect our customers from the same threat. Additionally, our partner Trend Micro provides cross-customer analysis and proactive remediation of all threats across their entire customer base. All of this accelerates speed to detection and speed to the response of security events, to the point of being able to get ahead of threats instead of always being on defense.

Incidence Response

Our threat experts provide customized recommendations and remediation actions, so threats are not just detected but also responded to and remediated quickly. We also provide monthly summary reports that show all case activity to see how we are protecting you.

Discovery IT’s Human Touch

Security technologies can block threats but understand how’s, whys, and what certain incidents require a real human touch. At Discovery IT, our engineers provide the human skills needed to stand out from the crowd. We become your “in-house” IT security team. Best of all, you don’t have to spend an excessive amount of time and money building their own specialized security team. Instead, you rely on the expertise of Discovery IT’s security engineers. With Discovery IT’s MDR solution, an organization will benefit from impressive tools and human skill sets that they would not normally access. We bring immediate economies of scale to you.

Services Offered by Discovery IT

  • Detection: Endpoint sensors record system activities and behaviors. It then sends metadata about the gathered recordings along with alerts and detections to the service. Microsoft 365 email or Gmail is also monitored. Using AI, the alerts are further correlated and analyzed, and prioritized.
  • Investigation: A threat analyst investigates all specific threats to gather additional information to look for vulnerabilities and better understand what has been downloaded or if the threat has spread or mutated. The analyst investigates the root cause of the analysis and impacts the customers. Cross partner and cross customer analysis are entirely included.
  • Response and Remediation: A report is provided about the incident and gives recommendations to respond and remediate from the attack where appropriate. Our threat experts perform mitigation actions. Discovery IT also offers monthly reports to summarize the case activity from the previous months.

Why MDR?

MDR provided by Discovery IT is a powerful and proactive weapon in your against figure cybercrime. With our MDR system, you can sleep better, knowing that professionals watch your organization’s cybersecurity environment. We will also help you understand your IT environment, and point out security weaknesses, so you can make the informed decisions needed to prevent costly and dangerous hacking of your organization.

The main goal of MDR is always to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats.

Threats from data leaks to ransomware to hacking are real and pose significant risks to your business. Define your weak areas early so you can eliminate them. Cyber breaches end up causing businesses millions of dollars and damage your reputation. However, MDR is your greatest ally against threat prevention. You can take back control of your data and feel safer.


Yes, MDR’s intricacies are complicated and complex, but when you partner with Discovery IT, we make it seamless and easy for you. With an effective MDR in place, you can take a proactive stance against cybercrime and avoid becoming a victim. Let the professionals at Discovery IT carry the load and handle all aspects of MDR, so you can quit worrying about being a victim of cybercrime.

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