The First Step to Keeping Sensitive Information Out of the Wrong Hands is Employing the Right Endpoint Protection to Minimize the Risk of Exploitation…

Cybercrime is rapidly becoming the most profitable form of illegal activity out there. In fact, it’s estimated that cybercrime will cost us $6 TRILLION to combat by 2021. Yahoo, Equifax, and other large corporations are even becoming the victims of hackers stealing sensitive information, and as a result, they’re able to make their attacks more sophisticated and coordinated than ever before – using the profits from each successful attack to improve their capabilities over time. So how do you keep sensitive information out of the wrong hands? It all starts with employing the right endpoint protection.

Vulnerability Scanning is Integral to Catching Threats Before They Linger on the Network and Become More Difficult to Remove.

All it takes is ONE small vulnerability to be exploited to allow a hacker into your network. Even if a device is entirely safe one day, a vulnerability can be found the next. Naturally, keeping your hardware and software up-to-date with the latest patches is incredibly helpful, but vulnerabilities can still be left open for long enough to allow hackers in. That’s why vulnerability scanning is integral to catching threats before they linger on the network and become more difficult to remove.

Discovery IT offers vulnerability scanning and remediation services wherein we leverage enterprise-grade tools to perform thorough scans of your network and all connected devices on a regular basis to:

  1. Identify any known or unknown vulnerabilities in hardware or software
  2. Evaluate the level of risk any found vulnerabilities presents
  3. Remediate vulnerabilities based on the risk level identified
  4. Send you a full report on each vulnerability and how it was handled

We ensure our vulnerability scanning is aggressive enough to find all known vulnerabilities that may otherwise be exploited, while minimizing the impact of the scanning process on your network – ensuring full functionality in terms of performance, speed, and bandwidth while performing scans.

How Do We Evaluate Risks Found During Vulnerability Scanning?

The process is quite simple. We look at how critical the vulnerability is and how practical it would be for a hacker to exploit the vulnerability. We also look at the potential impact on the organization if a hacker were to successfully exploit the vulnerability. In some cases, vulnerabilities found can simply be patched with the latest update. However, in other cases, we must mitigate the risk through other security controls or configuration changes. Regardless, we ensure ALL vulnerabilities are handled appropriately with a timely report sent to you afterward.

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