Depending on the industry you serve, you need an IT service company that understands your business, operations, processes and customer demands. We serve all industries here in East Texas; however, we specialize in IT Service & Support for the following:

Law Firms

We understand that when it comes to Law Firms, the reliability and security of your I.T. systems is paramount. When you need a case file, you need it NOW! You want and I.T. system that serves you, not one that makes your job more difficult. You also need and I.T. system that protects the privacy of your data.

In order to get the most from your technology, you need service and support from an IT provider who is familiar with the software applications that you use. Our techs can help with the billing systems, document management, and legal software applications that you use, like PCLaw, Clio and Worldox.

We’ll help you streamline operations, save time, and increase your staff’s productivity. We’ll also make sure your confidential information is well-protected with secure cloud solutions, enterprise-based backups, data encryption, and a layered technology defense that keeps the hackers out.

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As your manufacturing company grows, you’ll experience increasing technology demands which can be overwhelming. And we understand that when it comes to manufacturing companies, computers are an integral part of production. This is why many manufacturing companies in Southeast Texas are outsourcing their IT needs to us. Because we know how to take a huge technology burden off their shoulders. We keep your I.T. systems running, so you can keep your production running.

Manufacturing companies rely on us for Proactive IT Management, IT Security Support, Project Support, Cloud Services and more. They know that we’ll help them lower their costs, increase accessibility to their data, and provide for enhanced collaboration that increases their workers’ efficiency and productivity.

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The construction industry is one of the most information-intensive sectors today. To complete a project requires extensive exchange of data between you, your project managers, subcontractors, architects, engineers, building inspectors, and others.

Plus, during the lifecycle of any project, you must process big data; massive amounts of information like architectural and engineering drawings, production schedules, time & materials inventories, payroll and more.

We understand the needs of construction companies, and how important I.T. systems are to keeping their costs down, and projects running.

To meet your needs now, and into the future, you must invest in the right technologies, and the right technology vendor. Then you can concentrate on taking your construction company to the next level.

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Financial Services

Times have changed for financial service organizations. In today’s technology-driven environment, you need the latest and greatest hardware and software applications in order to provide the products and services your customers and members expect.

But, maintaining all this technology is another story. For most busy financial organizations, it’s simply not possible to handle all the user support requests, keep computers and servers working correctly, stay on top of security requirements, and make sure your software gets regular patches and updates.

And cybersecurity has become a top, if not THE top priority. I.T. audits are now a mandatory requirement, and they get more and more intensive every year. We understand the audit process, and are experts at performing pre-audits and executing remediation steps. We also know how to interact with outside audit firms, in order to ensure that you get the best outcome from your audits. We look at I.T. audits as a way to constantly improve your cybersecurity posture. Cybersecurity is here to stay, and constantly evolving. We know how to help you evolve with it.

Our goal is to ensure that your staff can work without interruptions or downtime. Your I.T. system should be a productivity tool, not a productivity inhibitor. We will work to ensure you have the most reliable and secure technology, and that it always exceeds your expectations. We can also customize our service offerings, so that you can get what you truly need and won’t have to pay for IT services you don’t want.

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School administrators in SE Texas rely on us provide dependable IT Services and Support to their public, private and charter schools. Every year we work with area schools in order to help them meet their I.T. goals. Whether they have an I.T. staff of one, or one-hundred, we work hand-in-hand with your staff in order to achieve your I.T. goals.

Schools need the ability to scale up quickly if enrollments rise; sometimes administrators don’t receive enrollment information until the middle of summer. Usually this is when we get the call to upgrade their servers, networks, firewalls, security, backup capabilities, and more. We understand the school cycle and project timing requirements. We know that you have to be operational before the first day of school, and throughout the school year.

With today’s technology complexities, security vulnerabilities, and the need to scale up or down, you need to be able to leverage the resources of a trusted IT provider. Whether you use them to supplement your staff, or complete large projects, a trusted IT provider like Discovery I.T., helps your meet your IT goals.

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Small Businesses

Just because you don’t have 500 users doesn’t mean you don’t have the same needs as an enterprise organization. In fact, these needs are even more challenging because you don’t have the budget and human resources to meet these needs.

Small and mid-sized firms need a reliable, trusted IT services partner to leverage the experience and economies of scale that comes with it. You want an IT company that will resolve your issues proactively, before they affect you and your employees. You want more security, less downtime and improved productivity.

Discovery I.T. knows how to bring enterprise class IT systems, security and productivity to the small business world. And we can provide all of this for a fixed cost that will meet your budget, and provide a positive return on your investment. Discovery I.T. already works with hundreds of small business. Let us provide you with the same level of flexibility, reliability, and accountability that ensures that you can focus on your business, not administering your network.

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