The education system in the United States is vital to the development of our youth, providing the foundation for them to do great things in the future and lead our country.

K-12 schools today need a solid foundation of information technology, not only to keep their operations running smoothly but also to help students learn technology systems as they prepare for the future.

K-12 Schools have unique needs when it comes to IT service, such as:

  • Student management software support and consulting.
  • Microsoft Office 365 for education deployments.
  • Mobile computing with Google Chromebooks and iPads.
  • Online portals for faculty, students and parents.
  • Testing and evaluation software.
  • Security and compliance with CIPA.
  • Audio/Visual systems to facilitate learning.
  • Video Surveillance systems to secure and protect students and faculty.
  • Intercom, paging and mass / emergency notification systems to facilitate communication.
  • And the infrastructure (cabling, switching, servers, etc.) to make it all work together seamlessly.

But too many schools are under-staffed and under-trained when it comes to managing their technology. This can easily lead to unsecured networks, unexpected outages and costs, and other IT challenges.

To make sure your IT systems are set up correctly, you need to turn to someone who has a proven track record with K-12 schools across Southeast Texas.

Our services allow your entire faculty to focus on teaching. We specialize in how public and private K-12 schools use IT. And our IT experts can help educators deal with technology challenges.

  • Your Outsourced IT Team: Whether you need us to serve as your entire IT department or as support for your own IT professionals, Discovery I.T. is here to take care of whatever you need when it comes to technology service. Our proactive support and solutions are designed to minimize potential IT problems and keep your technology running at its best. And our technical teams are the best and most highly trained and experienced professionals in the area.
  • Systems Optimization: Schools need to make every dollar count. We’ll help you optimize all of the technology you use to consume less power, and require less oversight and maintenance, resulting in less downtime and expense.
  • Planning & Consultation: We’ll work with you to find and leverage innovative solutions like server virtualization, Microsoft Office 365, cloud-based hosted services and more.
  • Cyber Security:With the ever increasing number of cyber security threats coming at us, K-12 schools have become a prime target for hackers and cyber criminals. We have been doing cyber security in earnest for over 30 years! We stay on top of the latest threats, literally on a daily basis, and know how to install cyber security systems and controls that will protect your school and your students. This includes helping you to satisfy CIPA compliance requirements.
  • Wired and Wireless Networking: We know how to install fast, reliable and cost-effective wired and wireless networks in schools. And we know how make them secure and easy to access. You can leverage easy and secure Internet access in your classrooms, offices, and everywhere else on your campus. We’ll also make it easy to separate and control different networks for teachers, students, and visitors. Plus you’ll have the right policies in place for students who bring their own devices to school.
  • Audio / Visual Systems: We design, sell and install industry leading audio / visual systems which are specifically designed for the classroom environment, where ease of use, and day-in / day-out reliability is a must.
  • Video Surveillance Systems:With so much going on, and so much ground to cover, all schools need an effective and reliable video surveillance system in order to secure and protect students and faculty. Our systems are ultra-reliable, easy to use, and provide high-resolution coverage of your precious human and physical assets. We are also versed in the SB507 video surveillance requirements, and have specialized systems which meet related aspects of this new law.
  • Intercom, Paging and Mass / Emergency Notification Systems: Efficient communication with students and faculty is not only a daily requirement in a K-12 environment, it is of paramount importance, especially in the event of an emergency. We install state-of-the-art, fully-integrated, intercom, paging and mass / emergency notification systems that make these communications simple, effective and reliable.
  • 24/7 IT Support: If you ever need assistance with any IT-related issue or problem, our team is available via email or phone.

Discovery I.T. is your Technology Service & Support Provider for K-12 schools across SE Texas. “We Make I.T. Happen” by offering a full range of state-of-the-art, reliable technology solutions that make it possible for you to focus on your goals. We’re committed to your educators’, administrators,’ and students’ success, and we’ll be there when you need us. You can count on it!