How to Find the Best IT Support for Your Multi-Site Church or Ministry

Expanding your church or ministry to a second, third or even seventh site is an exciting time in the life of your organization but it does bring unique challenges along the way. Even though you are operating at more than one physical location, you may only have one centralized IT support team and you need to ensure that your network and other platforms are consistent and secure at all times. This type of growth often creates a critical shortage of qualified resources to scale your solutions, which is why many larger non-profits turn to expert IT assistance from local support teams. These tips will help you find the best IT support for your multi-site church or ministry.

Challenges With Connecting Multiple Offices

It would be difficult to manage multiple technology platforms for the same organization, especially with limited staff time available. With a multi-site network and infrastructure for your business, your team has a simplified strategy to ensure that everything is running smoothly so your teams can focus on making an impact on the world. While connecting multiple offices is the preferred strategy, that doesn’t mean it’s without challenges. You need to be able to seamlessly communicate throughout the network of personnel and constituents, sharing files instantaneously and securely across your network. Without the right infrastructure, you can quickly find that your network is slowing down and you could be putting your organization at risk of liabilities associated with data security in the event of a breach. A big topic on the mind of technology professionals today is data compliance, and if you are not keeping a close eye on your various offices you could easily be fined many thousands of dollars due to lack of compliance.

Benefits of IT Managed Services for a Multi-Site Campus

Working with an IT managed services cloud provider is a solid choice for many organizations. This solution ensures that you have a stable, reliable and secure connection between your various campuses and you’re also able to quickly scale your organization as you add new locations. Cloud-based computing is also a cost-effective alternative to what you may think of as “traditional” IT infrastructure where you have multiple servers and networks connecting everything together.

With IT managed services you gain a variety of benefits, including:

  • Robust security for web browsing, email and data storage
  • Proactive security measures such as active monitoring and aggregated reporting
  • Remote data storage and backup, to ensure that your information stays secure and can be easily accessed in the event of a disaster
  • Updated antivirus definitions and aggressive software patching schedules
  • Secure data centers where your information is often under full-time monitoring with multiple redundancies in the event of an emergency
  • The ability to add new locations much more quickly than you would with traditional IT services

IT Services & IT Support For Churches & Ministries Throughout Beaumont, Nederland & Surrounding Areas

Technical hiccups can happen, and you don’t want your ministry to suffer. It’s beneficial to know that there are proactive IT managed services providers in your area who specialize in multi-site churches or ministries and who understand the business model for similar organizations. Finding just the right partner to help support your growth initiatives is crucial, especially when you have a limited budget with your church or other ministries. Discovery IT is the top managed IT services company in the Beaumont or Nederland, TX area with a proven track record of success with local businesses. Contact our team today to learn how we can support your non-profit with proactive, trusted and scalable services throughout the region. You can reach us online at or contact our friendly and knowledgeable service personnel at 409-727-7080.

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