Discover How Co-Managed IT Services Works And How They Benefit You

Many businesses choose to hire an internal person or small team of technology professionals to manage and maintain their infrastructure. This is a great idea, but sometimes, they end up feeling overwhelmed with a heavy workload, especially as the business starts to grow and embrace more hardware and software than before.

Naturally, an internal person or team is only able to devote so much time and energy to the business. If an emergency happens after-hours, they can’t always guarantee to be available. Plus, if they’re a full-time employee, they’ll need vacation time, sick days, and of course, overtime pay whenever projects run longer than expected.

In the simplest terms, an internal person or small team of technology professionals can be very convenient, but of course, they come with their own set of challenges. Co-managed IT services is designed to help you maximize the value of your internal technology resources – offering additional skill-sets, availability, and expertise whenever necessary. Essentially, an MSP augments your existing technology resources. This is the perfect solution when…

  • You’re paying too much overtime as a result of projects and/or emergencies coming up often.
  • You’re experiencing significant growth and require more assistance than you have available to you.
  • You’re struggling with availability issues as your staff goes away on vacation, sick days, etc.
  • You’re embracing a new technology and none of your internal technology resources are familiar with it.
  • You’re looking to help your internal technology resources stay focused on an upcoming project and/or strategic issues.

How Co-Managed IT Services Works And How They Benefit You

How Co-Managed IT Services Solves Your Problems

Sometimes, it simply doesn’t make sense to hire more people, despite the fact that you’re growing at a rapid rate and need additional skill-sets, availability, and expertise. Rather than spending the time and money hiring more internal resources, you can pay a flat-rate monthly fee to an MSP that can take care of:

  • Day-to-day tasks, such as monitoring, maintenance, and help desk support.
  • Taking care of arduous and time-consuming patch management tasks.
  • Ensuring that your backup/disaster recovery plan is working and checked every day.
  • Monitoring and making sure that your cybersecurity systems are protecting you.
  • Strategic planning to align your technology with your organizational objectives.
  • Upcoming projects, such as migrating to the cloud or implementing new software.

Co-managed IT services give you all of the benefits of working with an MSP while keeping your internal person or a small team of technology professionals – letting them shine at what they do best while the MSP takes over the rest.

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