What Firewall Do We Recommend And Why?

Discovery I.T. exclusively recommends Fortinet Firewalls along with their other state-of-the-art security products. Fortinet has been a leader in Next Generation firewall technology for two decades, and continues to set the standard for cyber threat detection and prevention today.

Why Do We Recommend Fortinet?

Fortinet also produces mail security gateways, sandbox systems, web application firewalls and endpoint firewall clients that all work together in a unified security fabric to share and leverage security detection information between each service.

Do Small Businesses Need a Fortinet Firewall?

Small businesses often find themselves lacking the dedicated resources, personnel, and necessary layered defenses to effectively evade sophisticated threats, making them prime cyberattack targets.

Fortinet Security Solutions for small business set the industry standard for firewall/unified threat management (UTM) solutions. These solutions are tightly integrated with other core infrastructure and security components to protect your entire business from advanced threats.

You’ll gain secure access and connectivity as a unified solution for firewall, switch, and Wi-Fi for simplified operations. Simple deployment delivers a single management solution and visibility from your network to the Cloud.

What Is Unified Threat Management?

Unified threat management (UTM) consolidates multiple security and networking functions all on one appliance to protect small and medium-sized businesses while simplifying their infrastructure. This allows you to spend more time and resources on revenue growth and profitability.

UTM also enables you to fully utilize a mobile workforce, cloud services, and other emerging technologies for a competitive advantage. At the same time, it reduces the risks posed by ransomware, phishing, and other evolving cybersecurity threats.

Traditionally, unified threat management combined network security, email security, and web security together in a single solution. More recently, it included wired and wireless networking to its baseline set of capabilities. Today, leading UTM solutions continue to evolve with the threat landscape by also including integrated endpoint, sandboxing, and other security functions, along with additional networking extensions and cloud-based management.

We think Fortinet delivers the best Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution providing top-rated protection with simplified management and rich reporting. Tight integration of network connectivity, wireless access, and even endpoint security with UTM creates a robust solution, extending security to all corners of your network.

If you compare UTM vendors, you will find that Fortinet provides:

  • Industry-leading security technologies to protect your business from cyber threats like ransomware, phishing, and others.
  • Consolidated networking and security to simplify IT across wired and wireless infrastructures.
  • Cloud-based management for easy, distributed management.
  • Extensible solution sets that grow as your business grows and threats evolve.

What About New & Increasingly Sophisticated Threats?

Today’s business networks are becoming increasingly complicated as technology evolves, and you require faster, always available connectivity anytime, from any place. Further, key productivity tools and systems are migrating to cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365.

And, as threats continue to rapidly increase in volume and sophistication, these factors make it more difficult to protect your system and applications. Small businesses need to do more with less, given limited resources and IT staff.

Fortinet provides security solutions for all parts of the network and infrastructure that are designed to work together as a single, integrated Security Fabric to protect against these sophisticated threats. And Fortinet’s threat subscription service keeps your firewall and other Fortinet security products constantly updated to keep you safe from new and evolving threats.

Why Do We Recommend That You Have A Fortinet Firewall?

Because it’s simply the industry’s most effective Next Generation Firewall. And you only need this one firewall solution for your entire network.

Stolen and locked data fuels a highly profitable cybercrime economy and organizations are constantly under attack. The risk of data breach or cryptolocker attack drives the need to add more security and the need to increase visibility into and control over network traffic, especially at the network perimeter or between network segments within your organization.

The Fortinet Enterprise Firewall Solution combines with the Fortinet Security Fabric to enable an immediate, responsive, and intelligent defense against malware and emerging threats. You can improve your network security, get more control, and simplify your infrastructure when we deploy Fortinet’s next-generation firewall (NGFW).

What Are Key Next Generation Firewall Requirements?

You need 3 things and Fortinet provides them all:

1. Effective Security – Your NGFW should include highly effective security backed by extensive threat intelligence to reduce your risk of a data breach. A fully featured NGFW includes security features beyond intrusion prevention, application control, and user identity, such as web filtering, IP reputation, SSL inspection, and sandboxing to break the kill chain of attacks.

2. Visibility and Control Over Network Traffic – The more you know, the more you can control. An NGFW should use deep inspection into network traffic to identify applications, users, devices, and threats enabling it to deliver better protection through context-aware policy controls. Your NGFW solution should also come with single-pane-of-glass management, advanced visualization components, and rich reporting to keep you informed and help you to make strategic security decisions.

3. Performance and Reliability – Next-generation capabilities are only useful if your platform’s performance, with desired features enabled, can keep up. To support business continuity and bandwidth requirements, your NGFW platform should deliver highly reliable core firewall capabilities, as well as the full range of next-generation features, at high throughput speeds.

Plus you need an IT support company that knows how to set up and manage your Fortinet Firewall. And the engineers at Discovery I.T. are highly trained and certified in Fortinet security technologies, so we know how to install, and most importantly, configure Fortinet security products to fully protect your environment.

Have More Questions About Fortinet Firewalls? We’re here to answer them all.

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