Hiring An IT Company In Beaumont/Nederland? Ask These Questions First

Before you sign an agreement, make sure you’ve asked the right questions.

It’s hard work – finding the right IT Company In Beaumont or Nederland nowadays, isn’t it? We know that many business owners struggle when it comes to finding (and trusting) an MSP to take care of their information technology. This doesn’t come as a surprise… Your information technology is one of the most integral investments you’ll ever make, especially in today’s day and age when technology plays such a critical role in helping you operate, innovate, and above all, stay ahead of the competition.

Discovery IT has been in the information technology industry since 1988 – a long time to build a reputation in our community. We provide quality managed IT services for business owners looking to improve their day-to-day operations. Over the years, we’ve seen business owners struggle with MSPs that simply don’t meet their needs.

In many cases, it’s not that the MSP wasn’t doing their job or they weren’t great at what they do, it’s simply a misalignment of company values or expectations between the business and the MSP. So before you sign an agreement, you need to do your due diligence and ask the right questions.

But before we look at the questions you need to ask, let’s look at WHY you need an MSP in the first place.

IT Company in Beaumont or Nederland

Why hire An IT Company In Beaumont Or Nederland?

An IT company assumes responsibility for the ongoing monitoring, management, and overall, performance of your information technology. You pay a flat-rate monthly fee for access to an entire team of experts who know what they’re doing. In exchange, they offer a range of services to keep your environment functioning properly:

  • Network monitoring
  • Routine maintenance
  • Automatic data backups
  • Strategic planning
  • Help desk support
  • Cloud consulting
  • And more

You’re able to achieve a range of benefits, especially compared to managing your own information technology or hiring an in-house team to handle it for you. The benefits include the following:

  • Greater uptime
  • More protection against cybercrime
  • Less unexpected costs associated with repairs
  • Greater productivity throughout all departments
  • More efficiency in day-to-day operations

What questions should you ask before hiring an IT Company In Beaumont or Nederland?

Before you sign an agreement with an MSP, make sure you’re asking the following questions to ensure you’ll have a long, beneficial partnership.

Contracts and/or Fees 

  1. What happens to my data if the contract is terminated?
  2. How do I terminate the contract and under what grounds is termination acceptable?
  3. Do you have a cap on yearly rate hikes?
  4. Will you notify me if new charges above and beyond the agreement apply?
  5. What is your hourly rate for projects?
  6. What ISN’T included under our contract?
  7. Do I need to purchase any hardware or assessments to get started?


  1. Will onsite support hours be included in the contract?
  2. If not, how much are they per hour?
  3. How do you assess reliability and performance?
  4. What is your average network uptime performance?
  5. How often will you meet with us to discuss strategy?
  6. What remote monitoring management solution will be used?


  1. What are your hours for emergency/after-hours support?
  2. What methods are available to request support?
  3. How long should I expect to wait until someone responds?
  4. What should I expect the resolution time to be?
  5. Do you have statistics on satisfaction levels for your help desk?
  6. How are support tickets escalated and what is the process?

Where can I find an IT Company In Beaumont or Nederland?

Discovery IT is a well-known MSP that serves businesses of all sizes throughout the Southeast Texas Region. If you ask around, we’re sure you’ll hear good things about us… But here’s an idea for you:

“Thank you for continuing to treat FVC like we are your most lucrative customer – which I know we cannot be. I have told you before; the way you run your company speaks very well of you Adam. Discovery IT will continue to be our VAR in network needs.”
Dennis B.
IT Manager, Mid-Western Farmers Coop

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