Even if they haven’t said it, they probably do

In the past, internal technology departments had a few priorities: resolving help desk support tickets, keeping employees happy, and making sure technology didn’t go down too often. Nowadays, technology plays such an integral role in modern business that internal technology departments have more priorities than ever before:

  • Conducting MAJOR technology roll-outs
  • Finding ways to cut operating costs
  • Keeping the network safe against a multitude of threats
  • Ensuring seamless collaboration for remote and in-office employees
  • Innovating to make the company more profitable

If we’re being honest, it’s a lot for an internal technology department to take on, don’t you think? Look, we get it. As your business evolves – both due to internal factors and external factors – your technology needs to evolve as well. We’re in the age of digital transformation and for many internal technology departments, it’s a lot to manage at once.

Even the best, most knowledgeable internal technology departments can start feeling a little overwhelmed. After all, they don’t have:

  • Relationships with manufacturers to get discounts, priority support, etc.
  • Access to industry events to learn about the latest tools and tricks
  • Years of experience working with hundreds of businesses just like yours

And this doesn’t mean they’re not able to do their job. They are. They might be fantastic at what they do, but if your organization is growing or taking on some new initiatives, they might struggle to keep up without a helping hand.

Complaints about your internal technology department?

We’ve heard a lot of complaints about internal technology departments over the years. It’s usually something along the lines of:

“They’re not completing support tickets for HOURS, sometimes DAYS!”

“We keep experiencing virus infections and I think they’re not doing enough!”

“Every single project goes over budget or schedule!”

“I don’t even know if our backups are being verified and tested at all!”

We’re here to tell you that they’re not bad at what they do, and they don’t need to be replaced. This is entirely common for internal technology departments to experience challenges like the ones listed above. So what is the problem?

Your internal technology department needs a bit of backup

No, we don’t mean throwing more money at the problem by hiring a few new people to join them. You need a more efficient way to augment what they’re already doing. Our recommendation? Hire an MSP to augment what they’re already doing for you. How does this differ from hiring more people?

  • You pay a flat-rate monthly fee instead of more salaries, training, benefits, and other expenses.
  • You get access to an entire team of technology experts who are already trained and certified.
  • You can count on availability anytime you need it with around-the-clock support options to get a response or resolution quickly.
  • You get to reap the rewards of them having access to industry-leading manufacturers, and in turn, discounts and immediate support.

This is known as co-managed IT services

The co-managed IT services model offers a range of benefits in terms of cutting costs, increasing operational efficiency, and of course, keeping your internal technology department focused on their core competencies. This is ideal for those who want to:

  • Avoid the time-consuming hassle of finding, hiring, and paying more employees
  • Keep their internal technology department focused on specific initiatives
  • Provide an extra set of hands for responding to support tickets
  • Accessing a broader range of services, tools, and expertise

You get access to support when you need it most, even if it’s after-hours or on the weekend when your internal technology department isn’t always available. You can also opt for co-managed IT services during long, stressful projects, such as moving to the cloud or implementing a new tool.

Plus, an MSP has professional, enterprise-grade tools running on the network for monitoring, routine maintenance, and overall, making sure everything runs properly while proactively preventing any sort of issues from resulting in downtime.

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