Managed IT Services for Manufacturing Firms

Digital Technologies Are Helping Manufacturing Firms Produce Higher-Quality Goods at a Much Lower Cost… But How Do You Take Advantage of Innovation to Achieve the Same Results? Discovery IT Can Help with Managed IT Services for Manufacturing Firms in Southeast Texas and Surrounding Areas.

The manufacturing industry is changing at a rapid rate. We are now seeing the fourth revolution wherein automation and computers are being leveraged to create smart, capable systems that leverage data for the purpose of enabling faster, more efficient processes. What does this mean? Essentially, manufacturing firms can produce higher-quality goods at a much lower cost. But if you’re not ahead of the game in terms of innovation, industry 4.0 may leave you falling behind the competition as the landscape becomes more competitive than ever before. The fourth revolution of manufacturing brings:

  • The internet of things
  • Simulation
  • Big data and analytics
  • Augmented reality
  • Autonomous robots
  • And much, much more

But how do you start taking advantage of some of these digital technologies? And how do you integrate them properly into your existing environment for a seamless, cohesive infrastructure? It’s all about working with the right technology partner. Discovery IT has been working with manufacturing firms since 1988. We have witnessed all of the incredible changes and have tackled all of the difficult challenges. Our team is able to help you take advantage of digital technologies to:

  • Improve data collection and evaluation from various sources, including production equipment, to make well-informed decisions.
  • Help you to identify cost efficiencies and return on investments to help manufacturing firms operate in smarter and more efficient manners.
  • Safeguard the many entry points into the network to secure intellectual property against cyber-threats, information theft and/or disclosure.

We are able to help you automate value chains with a seamless, cohesive infrastructure that supports your requirements.

What’s Included in Our Managed IT Services for Manufacturing Firms?

Discovery IT managed technology services for manufacturing firms include:

  • Predictable costs with all of your services and support, priced at a flat-rate monthly rate that is predictable.
  • Minimal downtime due to our proactive approach wherein we monitor your network around-the-clock, perform regular maintenance and catch and remediate issues before they become problems.
  • Responsive support with SLA-based guaranteed response times, and available remotely or onsite, to help you stay on track for production deadlines without technology issues causing delays.
  • Comprehensive security with a multi-layered cybersecurity approach that keeps all of your entry points secure, and protects your intellectual property and information technology assets.

Embracing industry 4.0 to make your manufacturing firm smarter and more efficient is only a phone call away. You can reach us at (409) 727-7080 or send an e-mail to

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