Microsoft Teams: Teamwork Meets Technology

Collaboration hub?


Communication platform?


Integration with productivity apps?


Whether you need a solution to upgrade from Skype for Business for your remote team, or your focus is on using technology that supports real-time communication across all devices, Microsoft Teams delivers every item on your checklist and more.

Microsoft, the brand businesses know and trust from its well-known Microsoft Windows operating system, and the Microsoft 365 productivity suite includes Microsoft Teams.

How Can You Get Started with Microsoft Teams?

The same Microsoft productivity apps your team relies on for daily operations integrates directly with Microsoft Teams, simplifying the collaborative process and streamlining communications. Professionals have embraced Microsoft Teams and the wealth of features the software offers.

Within Teams, users can access Microsoft 365 applications including SharePoint and OneDrive, so team members are able to quickly share files, chat privately or in group settings, and host live meetings. Designed with efficiency and quick implementation in mind, getting started with Teams is straightforward for large and small teams alike.

Microsoft Teams recognizes the need for efficiency is a major focus for modern professionals and, leveraging sophisticated technology, professionals can start using Teams with a few quick steps:

  1. Create a Team
  2. Add Team members
  3. Add Channels

What Can Microsoft Teams Do for You?

Location no longer matters with cloud-based solutions, and Microsoft Teams promotes efficiency beyond boundaries. Aside from real-time communications and file sharing, remote workforces enjoy a holistic collaborative strategy. Team members don’t need to worry about which file version is the correct version, or even multiple versions “floating” around. Basically, Microsoft Teams eliminates obstacles and delays from collaboration and communication among professionals.

Collaboration and communication aren’t limited to professionals within your internal team, either. Microsoft sensed an emerging demand and responded with innovation for professionals beyond the traditional workplace. Fostering the most efficient team possible, Microsoft Teams has several features modern professionals use daily:

  • Chat – real-time private and group messages
  • Meetings – Audio, video, and screen sharing features for up to 300 attendees
  • Live Events – Stream audio and video for audiences of up to 10,000
  • Device-friendly – With mobile apps for users, Team members can address anything at a moment’s notice
  • Cutting-edge Security – Customize your settings with advanced security controls and encryption

How Will Your Team Benefit from Microsoft Teams?

If you’re not yet using Microsoft Teams, and still need more convincing, there are yet more benefits to your team, including:

  • Compliance Support: Microsoft Teams meets compliance standards with built-in support for more than 40 regulations, including HIPAA and ISO 27001.
  • Expanded Search: When Team members perform a search, results include items in OneDrive, SharePoint and other platforms.
  • Further Integration: Teams supports integration with third-party applications like Asana and Zendesk, and many others.
  • Mobile Device Management: Keep your information safe and prevent unauthorized access with device management protocols.

Make the most of Microsoft Teams and discover just how your team can leverage technology and take advantage of the many features waiting for you.

Don’t wait any longer – collaborate, communicate, and integrate today!

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