Time For A New IT Managed Services Company In Nederland, TX

Struggling to choose the right IT managed services company in Nederland, TX? Finding the right customized solutions can make or break your business. So before you decide, see this.  

IT Managed Services in Nederland, TX

From cybersecurity to marketing to customer relationship management, the strength of your technology impacts everything down to the bottom line. Business needs are changing rapidly and staying relevant in your industry means keeping ahead of the competition. It’s all about adapting to evolving consumer demands. And for many reasons, you shouldn’t be trying to go it alone.

For one, you may end up investing in insanely expensive technology that your in-house IT doesn’t have enough experience with to get the most out of it. You, therefore, won’t realize that ROI you were pitched by the tech company. And second, with technology changing at light speed, you can’t hire fast enough to keep the human resources you need to meet demand.

As technology gets more sophisticated, so does the need for high levels of specialization and expertise that can be hard to achieve in-house when you’re running a business in a different industry. That level of skill can be found in managed IT services. But it’s important to choose wisely.

Selecting An IT Managed Services Company in Nederland, TX

Here’s what you need to know before you select an IT managed services company.

1. Consider Your Goals

Once you begin evaluating different IT managed services, it’s easy to get caught up in the lingo and promises. So it’s important to go into the selection process with a level head and a clear picture of both short and long-term business needs. Sure, you’ll learn new things along the way. You’ll experience aha moments because you didn’t know what you didn’t know. But going in prepared helps you look objectively at managed IT options.

2. Focus on the “What” Not the “How”

As you likely know around 92% of businesses are using cloud-based tools. They can decrease workload by 42%. Increasingly, the focus is on integration, eliminating silos and getting all of our systems and people to work together. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are huge. But there’s no one-size solution for any business. And getting into the “how” may limit your focus while blurring your vision. Focus on what you want to accomplish. Then look at how IT managed services offer customized solutions to help you meet those goals.

3. Give It Some Time

You get things done and understand that time is money. But in IT, as in many things in life, the fastest solution usually ends up being the short-term one. These quick fixes may win the awards and accolades the next day. But the long-run, short-term solutions that can be planned and implemented fast will cost you more. They don’t last. Don’t go with the first IT managed services company to deliver a solution because they share your sense of urgency. Realize that any company that can deliver the right solutions will need time to evaluate your business needs and develop a winning strategy.

4. Ask The Right Questions

  1. How many companies have you worked for in my industry? … Industry expertise matters.
  2. How do they differentiate themselves from the competition?
  3. What levels and types of expertise do they have within their company?
  4. What kinds of time frames can you expect?
  5. How do they manage customer support?

5. Get Referrals

Don’t be a guinea pig. Any IT managed services company that you want to work with has a list of happy customers who can tell you what they’ve done for them. Consider networking with non-competitors in your industry to get recommendations firsthand. But when this isn’t an option, ask a company you’re considering for a list of companies and contacts. Follow-through by having your people actually contact as many as you can. You want to know things like:

  • What kinds of solutions did they implement?
  • How have their solutions impacted that company’s KPIs?
  • How was the service? Did they return calls? Were they available in case of emergencies?

6. Check Out Their Online Reputation

84% of consumers say that they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. You shouldn’t go that far in the business world because reviews can be faked more easily than personal recommendations. The stakes are much higher than when buying a new desk chair. But do read and consider reviews as a piece of the overall picture. Also, take a look at how a company you’re considering is responding to any negative reviews because every company that puts themselves out there will occasionally get an unhappy customer. This can give you great insight into the level of professionalism you’ll be working with and whether the company is a good fit for you.

7. Go With Your Gut

It never lies. Science may not be able to explain it but as a savvy business person, you know when something’s not right, things sound too good to be true or someone isn’t being 100% truthful. Listen to these instincts. They have gotten you where you are today and will continue to help you choose the IT managed services company that’s right for you.

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