The Price You Should Pay For Managed IT Services

If you’re considering an investment in managed IT services, you might be feeling frustrated at the apparent lack of transparency in terms of pricing found during your research. But here’s the thing… Pricing for managed IT services is fairly subjective. It all depends on the number of users, workstations, and of course, the services you’re looking to include. That’s why most MSPs will wait until they speak with you to give you an accurate quote. But rest assured, it’s typically a worthy investment to make because you’re going to end up with a lot less unexpected costs in terms of:

  • Hardware failures and/or repairs
  • Unplanned outages resulting in lost business
  • Lack of productivity due to technology issues
  • Outrageous cost of a cyberattack from lack of prevention
  • And much, much more

You see, now that we’re dependent upon technology as a society – both in our personal and professional lives – we can’t afford to be without it. That’s why the proactive nature of managed IT services simply makes sense for modern business. So how much SHOULD you spend on managed IT services? Once you’re starting to get some quotes, how do you know they’re in the right ballpark?

The Price You Should Pay For Managed IT Services

What’s The Cost Of Managed IT Services?

You’re paying a flat-rate monthly fee for all of the services and support you need, but how do you know if you’re being quoted a bit too high? First, let’s take a look at the pricing models behind managed IT services…

  1. Per-user wherein you’re charged for each individual who will be connecting to the network. If an individual uses a tablet, mobile device, computer, and other devices, they will still only be charged one rate.
  2. Per-device wherein you’re charged for each device, including tablets, computers, etc. that will be connecting to the network. They will likely have varying prices for each type of device, such as $200 per server and $49 per PC per month (all-in).
  3. Monitoring-only wherein you’re charged a nominal fee for a range of basic services, such as network monitoring, patch management, antivirus, and antispam updates, and backup monitoring per month.
  4. Tiered pricing wherein you’re able to choose from multiple plans available that include varying degrees/options of services for a set monthly fee that will be unique to you depending on the number of users and/or devices.

A good ballpark figure boils down to around $75 – $150 per user, per month. Even if you’re being charged per device, the actual amount should be close to this range. However, keep in mind, the price will vary depending on:

  • Any regulations you’re required to adhere to
  • Any complex software programs you’re using
  • The level of uptime and/or speed of response required
  • And other factors that are unique to you

Although this seems broad, aim to stick to the ballpark figure mentioned above and keep in mind, you’re investing in your business.

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