Tech Changes on the Horizon? Here’s What You Need to Know

Making a tech change? It’s not likely that your staff will welcome any adjustments to their patterns or schedules — so get ready for some resistance.  

“This new software implementation will be easy!”, famous last words by no IT manager, ever. Anyone who has been in the technology realm knows that change is hard, but the technology itself is rarely the issue. The biggest hurdle to success in any technology project is generally the people and processes and not any type of mismatch in platforms. The pace of change in today’s business world is staggering, with new technology solutions and consumer electronics hitting the market on almost a daily basis. The rise of Software as a Service makes it mentally easier to consider a shift, but it hasn’t stopped people from getting stuck in their rut of doing jobs a particular way. If you have tech changes on the horizon, these change management tactics may help you maintain your sanity and bring your organization into the future.

Practice Deep Listening

Often, users simply want to be heard before you go and build something that you simply know that they need. This type of deep listening is one of the most challenging parts of a project for technical folks, as it can involve some pretty touchy-feely conversations, plenty of nodding and note-taking. Skipping this step will lose any empathy and good faith that you’ve brought to the relationship — and you will definitely need to bank more of those positive feelings before the end of your project.

Encourage Active Collaboration

While you may not want to bring every individual along on a software implementation journey, picking key individuals and ensuring that they have input for critical decisions can go a long way towards building goodwill with teams. Plus, you never know when you’ll gain a nugget of wisdom that will reduce the cost and effort associated with bringing new platforms or other technology onboard. People appreciate the opportunity to be collaborative and finding the right individuals to deepen the partnership with can pay off on both sides of the relationship.

Don’t Skimp on Training

When people are uncomfortable with a new product or solution, they are much more likely to revert to their old ways and processes as soon as the limelight is turned in a different direction. One of the best ways to ensure long-term adoption is through training and followup with the various teams that are undergoing significant change. Training once is okay, twice is nice — but it’s dropping in on people throughout the days following a process change is when you’re going to find out what’s really happening. Group or individual training, people simply aren’t wired to find every issue with a new process until they’re walking through it on a daily basis. This type of unscripted follow-up is also a great way to show your ongoing commitment to the success of the teams, something that will always paint your tech project in a positive light.

Change is rarely easy, and that can be especially true when you’re talking about business technology. Your teams are likely to exhibit a fair amount of frustration, but a proactive IT services partner can help you weather the storm and maintain consistency throughout your implementation periods. Want to move towards successful adoption more quickly? Work with partners who understand the culture at your organization and that are willing to adjust to support your needs. At Discovery IT, we work with organizations of all sizes in the Port Arthur, Beaumont and Nederland area to provide superior IT services that simply work. Contact us today at 409-727-7080 or via email to for more information or to claim your free initial consultation.

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