Utilizing The Cloud For Your Accounting Firm

Accountants and CPAs in SE Texas have discovered that cloud computing provides many advantages and exclusive benefits, not only for them but for their clients. It can increase their staff’s productivity and help them get repetitive jobs done faster. Their clients benefit from better insight into their financial health with easy, secure access to their P & L and other reports. This is why cloud computing is now an essential tool for accounting firms and their clients.

Why is Cloud Technology Recommended For Accounting Firms?

Cloud Computing Helps You Saves Money

Most cloud computing services can be obtained at a low cost. Accounting firms are discovering that it’s less expensive to procure these services from a cloud provider than it is to run and maintain applications on their own server.

With cloud computing, you don’t pay upfront fees to license software. You can sign up for Microsoft Office 365, online accounting programs or whatever cloud-based software you need on a per-user basis. This is a good solution for smaller CPA firms because it’s budget-friendly. Plus, you can designate Software-as-a-Service as business expenses rather than capital expenses.

Using the Cloud means that less office space required due to the remote access capabilities. The cost to rent commercial property continues to rise. Why have to constantly expand or move because you are growing? Cloud solutions for accountants allow you to grow without incurring large expenses.

You’ll Benefit From Increased Accessibility To Your Data

Cloud computing services are accessible from any computer with an internet connection, regardless of your location. When you want to work from home, or when traveling, you can access your files and IT resources securely and easily.

The Cloud Promotes Scalability

CPAs and accounting firms are usually swamped during tax season, then business slows down during other parts of the year. You can scale up your cloud solutions in busy times or scale them down when things are slow. No need to waste money on services you don’t currently need. Because you pay for cloud solutions on a per-user basis, you can readily adjust them.

Cloud computing services are provided on demand. When you purchase cloud services, you can easily add storage, computing capacity or new features. You can also quickly delete services that you no longer need. You won’t waste money on IT solutions that “sit unused on the shelf.”

Software Updates Are Included

Cloud providers typically include maintenance in their services. As a busy accountant, you and your staff are too busy to have to worry about taking care of software updates. Your cloud provider will automatically install these updates for you.

You’ll Have Better IT Security

The Cloud provides better security than storing files on servers and hard drives. Your data will be encrypted and accessible only to your employees. Your network won’t be exposed to hackers and viruses. And with Mobile Device Management your employees can safely use their mobile devices without the worries that they’ll get lost or be stolen. Your accounting and confidential data can be deleted remotely.

The Cloud Promotes Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

An enterprise-based cloud solution allows you to recover your entire IT infrastructure quickly, applications and all. Servers, desktops, files, and applications are all stored in a secure data center. This is essential for business continuity and disaster recovery.

You Can Work From Any Device or Location

Cloud computing gives you the ability to work from home, while on vacation or at a local coffee shop. Your files and documents are in the Cloud, so they’re available when and where you need them. Your staff will always have access to the most recent edits of any document.

Cloud Hosting Promotes Communication & Collaboration

You’ll benefit from enhanced collaboration and communication with your staff and your clients. Plus, you can extend your talent reach because your staff and principals will have more secure access to your clients’ financials.

  • Hosted Microsoft SharePoint: With SharePoint you can create a secure and customizable online portal to promote teamwork and simplify collaboration.
  • Hosted Microsoft QuickBooks: Easy-to-use, even for new employees.
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange: Exchange ensures the reliability and security of your emails.
  • Custom Application Hosting: This is a tailor-made support system aligned to your unique business needs.

You’ll Have Enhanced Document Control

When you store and edit documents in the Cloud, your files are stored in a central location so your staff has access to the most up-to-date version. Document control is much easier with the right cloud solutions.

The Cloud Will Help You Better Compete

Your firm will be more competitive when you use cloud computing solutions. If you run a small CPA firm, you can access enterprise-class technology that larger businesses use but at a more reasonable price. With pay-per-user applications, you can better compete. Cloud computing will also enhance your operational efficiencies so you can deliver services faster.

How Can Your Clients Benefit From Cloud Accounting?

The evolution of business accounting services now allows more interaction with your clients, and the Cloud is a key component. Whether you want continuous, easy access to your data 24/7 or you want to go paperless, Cloud accounting’s advantages are different for every client. If you want to be a partner in your client’s success, your IT service company can recommend the best use of the Cloud and guide you through the entire process.

Your clients will see:

  • Reduced facility requirements.
  • Reduced need for employees.
  • Minimal equipment and IT costs.
  • Paperless record storage.
  • Paperless payroll.
  • Reduced expenses.
  • Faster identification of problems.
  • Increased profitability.
  • More interaction with you via the Cloud.

What About Maintaining Client Confidentiality In The Cloud?

Using cloud computing provides many benefits, so you shouldn’t let privacy concerns keep you from using cloud services. However, you need the assurance that your data and your clients’ will remain secure.

Your IT service provider is the best resource for this. They understand the risks and benefits of different cloud services and the types that would best serve your needs.

They can work with you to review proposed contracts to ensure:

  • Confidentiality, security and protection from unauthorized access or modifications.
  • You’ll have a robust backup and disaster recovery plan.
  • The cloud service provides alternative access to data in the event of a service outage.
  • The cloud service will inform you about any security breaches that may affect your data.
  • Compensation in the case that actions by the cloud provider result in a security breach.
  • The contract acknowledges that your accounting firm owns your data.

They can also offer recommendations for additional security measures to ensure client confidentiality. Your Beaumont IT services provider is a trusted source when it comes to using the Cloud.

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