And today’s Big Data requires unique storage solutions.

Because of the growth of data needs, many companies are searching for smarter storage solutions.

This problem is compounded by the fact that data management is not a core competency for most IT professionals. Add to all this the fact that many companies today have to comply with regulatory requirements for electronic files. These compliance rules can be complex and if you don’t fully comply, you can face hefty fines and fees.

If this sounds like something your business has been dealing with, then why not check out a hosted storage-as-a-service solution? This type of storage option can protect all your electronic assets, while freeing up your IT department to take care of other, more pressing needs.

Discovery I.T. offers two effective data storage options to meet the needs of every business. These include:

  • services
    PC Backup
    Automatic backups that eliminate the risk of data loss from desktops or laptops.
  • services
    Server backup
    Automatic, offsite backups that provide the security and reliability that your business requires.

Storage-as-a-service is a great answer to the perplexing question of remote data storage. This solution enables you to back up all your important data automatically, giving you greater peace of mind. The best part? There’s no up-front capital investment. It’s a win-win for your company, your data and your IT department.

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