Why Do Manufacturing Companies Count On Us?

Manufacturing companies in East Texas have enough challenges of their own without worrying about technology. They don’t need to stress over computers and servers that aren’t working right.

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They need an IT expert who is highly knowledgeable with real-world experience in the manufacturing industry. That’s why manufacturers choose us.

Our manufacturing clients know that we can optimize their performance through technology, manage and upgrade legacy applications and systems, and help them curb IT costs with:

  • IT Security
  • Management and Maintenance
  • Proactive IT Services
  • Cloud Technology
  • Real-World Experience With IT Service & Support For Manufacturers
  • And much more

When you look for an IT service company, look for one that other manufacturing businesses trust – one who provides a wide variety of IT services necessary to keep your plant running smoothly — Look to Discovery I.T.

How Do We Help Construction Companies Use The Right Technology For Their Needs?

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When construction companies in East Texas need cost-effective IT Solutions, they call on Discovery I.T. due to our experience in the construction industry.

Whether building a big shopping center, new school, commercial facility or a new home, construction work isn’t just about having the right tools anymore. Your customers demand more for their money. They’re looking for personalized services, and they expect their projects to be completed on-time and on-budget. We understand this concept because this is the way we run our business. Construction companies expect no surprises, no unexpected extras, and no delays. We understand and deliver on those expectations!

We also understand the IT pain points that many construction companies deal with each day. The unique nature of their job includes many challenges. We help overcome them with IT solutions and services that ensure uptime, provide mobility and flexibility, and increase productivity.

Plus, they know that we’ll take the time to understand their unique technology needs and devise tailored solutions that enhance their efficiency so they can excel for their customers as we do with ours. This is why construction companies choose Discovery I.T.

Why Do Our Financial Clients Trust Us With Their Technology?

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They know that we know time is money. This is especially true for busy financial services firms that juggle countless tasks throughout the day – all while being required to secure sensitive information at all times.

We work with our financial service clients to help them achieve maximum productivity from their technology investments while maintaining the confidentiality of client information.Our IT security services are comprehensive, and include antivirus software, firewalls, web-content filtering, and multi-layered defenses that safeguard against a growing range of threats.

Our technology solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 and hosted applications and remote access services help financial services organizations sort through, access, and securely share vital information from any device or location to enhance productivity and collaboration.

Plus, we help them comply with regulations like PCI, FISMA, and Sarbanes Oxley and streamline daily operations so their work gets done faster and they are better able to serve their clients. This is why Financial Service companies choose Discovery I.T.

Our clients know that we understand their businesses and their technology needs. That’s why we’re the trusted IT Consultants in Nederland, Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange and all of East Texas.