We don’t think you should. Why? Because having your web browser remember your passwords and/or credit card details can seem convenient, but it presents security risks. The risk depends on the browser you’re using, if you sync your computer with other devices, and whether or not you take the time to use the browser’s extra security features. We’ll tell you a better way to save your passwords online… and it’s more than just a password manager.

Why Shouldn’t We Use Browsers To Save Our Passwords?

If you save your passwords in a browser, not only can others who have access to your computer login and see your actual passwords or credit card details, but a thief can do the same if you lose your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

This same risk applies if you haven’t properly erased data from your PC when you dispose of it. The next person who uses it could recover your password information in your browser. Plus, some viruses and malware can even steal your saved passwords or credit card details from your browsers.

Is This Why Our Banking Site Won’t Let Us Save Passwords In Browsers?

Yes… Because they deal with highly sensitive information, banking sites won’t let you save your password in a browser. And, keep in mind that if you save a similar password in a browser, a hacker might be able to access it and figure out your banking password.

Some browsers let you view all of your saved login credentials, along with your username and password. You may think this is good if you forget your password, but it could let an intruder access them as well.

Are There Any Browsers Where I Can Save My Password Securely?

No… not really. Internet Explorer 9 helps to prevent casual snooping, but it doesn’t provide advanced security features to keep someone on your Windows account from using third-party utilities to access your passwords.

Google Chrome 21 lets anyone on your Windows account access your saved passwords and credit card information. And if you sync your browsing data across other computers and devices, be sure to encrypt your data and set up a custom passphrase for extra protection.

Firefox 14 will also allow anyone on your Windows account to view your list of saved passwords. However, it does let you set a master password to encrypt and protect them.

What’s The Best Way For Businesses In Southeast Texas To Save Passwords Online?

We recommend using a tool like Discovery I.T.’s MyGlue password manager. MyGlue isn’t just another password manager; it goes far beyond the traditional features of most password managers. It also increases your efficiency and productivity.

MyGlue is a documentation system for your business. It’s built to meet the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). MyGlue allows you to document your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), passwords, vendor info, contacts, locations and equipment, all in one place; and all accessible with a couple of clicks.

When Discovery I.T. sets up MyGlue for your business, you’ll have a trusted, secure, and efficient platform to manage not only your passwords but password processes. Fully secure, MyGlue is your business information hub.

With MyGlue From Discovery I.T. Your Business Will Benefit From:

Cyberattack Prevention: You can avoid hackers exploiting sloppy, dangerous password habits by using this a trusted, secure, and reliable password management tool.

Increased Password Security: Back during the spooky season of October, MyGlue launched a Halloween edition Password Horror Story campaign. IT providers reached out with a bunch of their most terrifying (and yes, hilarious) password horror stories. They got everything from extreme HIPAA violations, to clients who thought password security meant placing their special password sticky notes under their keyboards.

So, when you say you’re securing your information, how far are you going to actually do this? MyGlue has high-level security including SOC 2 compliance, role-based permissions, version history, two-factor authentication, and more. This means not only will your IT service company help you with insights into how you manage passwords, but you can have confidence that your information is a lot more secure than it was on those sticky notes.

Secure Mobile Password Use: You won’t leave information behind. Instead, MyGlue offers you everything you need while on the go with their mobile app for iOS and Android, complete with secure Touch ID, Face ID, and fingerprint authentication.

Team-Based Passwords: Think about all those shared passwords your business uses. With SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) companies being all the rage, these team-based passwords are only increasing. The good thing though is that MyGlue has far better ways that you can manage your team-based passwords than sending them in emails to your colleagues. Simply put, this is a risk your company can’t afford.

Self Service: Discovery I.T. can provide you with a self-service platform in MyGlue. You can share documentation, SOPs and even securely manage your passwords. This gives you more independence, security and efficiency.

A Checklist Feature: The Checklists feature allows you to create lists of action items known as Tasks and then assign them to specific team members. Manage your team’s workflows and gain visibility into the status of critical tasks. Use checklist templates to create standardized process checklists that can be deployed throughout your business.

A Chrome Extension: Enhance your efficiency with one less login. The MyGlue Chrome Extension allows you to automatically sign into websites using the credentials you store in MyGlue.

Documentation Best Practices: MyGlue stores more than just passwords; it stores all of your Standard Operating Procedures as well. This gives you the ability to save time and increase the productivity of your staff.

Collaboration With Your IT Service Company: MyGlue offers you the opportunity to collaborate with Discovery I.T.. Share data and processes that are necessary for your IT security. And you’ll have a common space where we can both share crucial information that increases efficiency.

Discovery I.T. can share key processes like updating firewalls and antivirus to reduce the risk that you’ll run into problems with routine tasks. These processes can also be easily updated if anything about your IT environment changes. Changes are reflected immediately for both you and us to see.

You can share information with your internal teams and Discovery I.T. on a consistent basis and in an efficient way. List your employees alongside their permissions for various IT related things, and then give us the authorization to view this information. Now we will know who the points of contact are alongside their authorization to deal with certain tasks. This reduces the time it would have otherwise taken for us to find this information.

When you use Discovery I.T.’s MyGlue, all of your team-based passwords can be accessed in one central location. Security wise, it’s a massive shift for your business. But it also has awesome perks like less shoulder-tapping between colleagues, and less password sharing on unsafe sticky notes.

In Summary

Stop saving passwords in your browsers and on sticky notes. From the password vault to checklists, to the security features like audit trail, version history and SOC 2 compliance, Discovery I.T.’s MyGlue has everything you need to manage your passwords and process documentation.

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