Industry 5.0

We’re in the midst of industry 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution that encompasses all sorts of “smart” manufacturing practices and systems. We use artificial intelligence, intelligent devices, cloud solutions, cognitive computing, and all sorts of digital technologies to create a more agile, efficient manufacturing firm. How does it work? Essentially, the right mix of digital technologies are used to communicate better, make more informed decisions, and ultimately, deliver a better product for less cost. There’s a more streamlined value chain – all the way from materials to production – wherein each step of the way is controlled and automated as much as possible for the purpose of achieving:

  • A more collaborative team with access to real-time data
  • A more competitive edge against disruptors in the industry
  • A more appealing firm that attracts and retains new staff members

If you’re like most manufacturing firms, industry 4.0 is a big deal. Whether you started embracing it last year or you’re looking at ways to incorporate some of the concepts now, industry 4.0 is powerful when it comes to creating a more agile, efficient manufacturing firm. But naturally, technology advances at an incredible rate and we’re already starting to see signs of industry 5.0 being on the horizon.

Industry Experts Are Counting on Industry 5.0 to Bring a Human Touch Back to the “Smart” Manufacturing Firm…

Industry 5.0 combines everything you know and enjoy about the fourth industrial revolution with the power of human touch. It’s a collaboration of industrial automation with the critical thinking skills of human beings who are able to add a more personalized touch to each and every product that’s created. Why is this necessary? Because consumers want a high degree of personalization in the products they buy.

A recent survey found that 85% of manufacturers believe the “connected workforce” wherein collaboration between robots and workers exist will be part of their production processes this year. Here’s the thing… Automation can only go so far. We must ensure our “robots” work well with humans – handling the monotonous, time-consuming tasks while leaving the creative work to those who are capable. So what should you know about industry 5.0?

  1. It’s about optimizing human efficiency: Sure, robots can do an incredible job of handling the monotonous, time-consuming tasks – gathering and using data properly throughout each step of the way. But robots should be there primarily to help humans operate more efficiently – allowing them to increase customization and creativity during the robotized manufacturing process.
  2. It’s inevitably going to create risks: Similar to any great advancement, there are risks involved. When we leverage highly integrated systems, they become vulnerable to systemic risks, such as total network failure or costly cyberattacks due to multiple point of entry.
  3. It’s all about personalization: Manufacturers need to keep in mind that it’s all about personalizing the end product to meet ever-evolving consumer demands in a faster, more efficient manner thanks to the digital technologies brought to us in the fourth revolution with an added human touch.

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